Perverted sex acts: The Dance and The Mummy – 007

I came in, got undressed, stood in front of him… The Master brought a mouth spreader, put it in between my teeth making me unable to close my mouth, and told me that I was going to dance an erotic dance to some music. I was rather taken aback… I get panicked whenever people watch me dance. I mean, unless it’s a club where everybody dances anyway. However, I couldn’t quit before the Master! Besides, I know I’ve got some cool perverted sex acts 🙂 The only thing I did to calm myself was to close my eyes. It must have looked pretty interesting: a naked girl with a mouth spreader between her teeth doing an erotic dance to “Ave Maria” Caccini….

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Then he lead me by my hair to the bedroom, made me stand straight, put my hair up (such caution!) and started to cover me in plastic wrap. Then I recalled that he’d once threatened to mummify me, and so I was now looking forward to how this would end. The feeling was interesting… no, not the physical sensations, but emotions – a promise of being wrapped and immobilized turned me on a lot, even though it felt as if I were watching myself from the side. He wrapped my arms to my body down to the waist, lifted me and carried me to the bed, where he put me face down with my knees on the floor. From then on I cannot recall much of it, out of any order: I guess he fucked me in all holes, then wrapped my shins together, turned me over face up, fucked me again, turned again, fucked again – from the front, from behind, on top of me… The fixation must have had a weird effect on me… in my mind all those perverted sex acts warped into an endless pattern of sex, turns, orgasms and blowjobs. I can’t tell….

BDSM perverted sex acts stories from paysite

It looks like I was coming too much during that perverted session to now remember everything clearly. I know I was lying in bed for a long while after that trying to bring my body back to life, then I somehow crawled to my clothes, then I hugged the walls for a while, being so dizzy I would almost pass out… Yeah, I’m a weak one, I know 🙂

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