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02 Jun 2011

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01 Jun 2011

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They saw that she is walking alone and offers to go to their place to have a talk and so on. On the way to their flat, they get more and more horny. So when they entered a room, their brains just can’t generate some questions to have a small talk, they just start undress her, because they wanted to see what pussy she have between legs.

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This very hard to work, if your fellow worker is dumb slut with big and pimply ass. Her ass is also always a little bit dirty, because they have no opportunity to wash asshole after a toilet. They use paper, but some pieces still stay on her asshole. And you can imagine, if you work with somebody long time, you already know her habits. And one of this slut habits is to load all stuff out of her asshoel in the beginning of the working day. So after if the wind blows from her side you feel the smell of rotted stuff. How long you can stand it? You need to put all her stuff deep back to her ass.

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It was some country side closed bar. One pervert opens it and starts to wait for a victim, who will come to have a glass of beer. He was surprised that such a beautiful and young slut can be caught at this dumb trick. Handcuffs are very useful to him because he had big plans for her asshole. First he licks her pussy and ass during three hours until she starts screaming.

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31 May 2011

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As you see, on this photos woman on a very bottom. Very common thing, that man while fucking some bitch, asking whore if she like it or not, but here we see that this thought never visited their heads. Rough male domination, with no chance for her to tell that she like pussy licking or something…

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26 May 2011

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16 May 2011

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Can you imagine how perverted can man be, when he have girl in a closed room and he have mask on his face, so she never will saw him and never will. So just every sexual thought your brains generate can be immediately fulfilled. But when it is two men in the mask and only one young slave in the dark closed room? They took everything out of her asshole and played with it.

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12 May 2011

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I can’t say this teen girl is beautiful, but something too sexy she have and this attract me like a magnet. Maybe slim figure and so dumb face look or maybe this fact that she was agree to fuck with two so dirty perverts and made a lot of vulgar things in sex. And moreover during these vulgar things in sex you can see in her eyes that she likes it or at least she thinks it is normal. For example one of perverts fists her asshole and after gives this finger to her to smell it and even after her nose feels the smell of this dirty stuff she had in her asshole, she was just calm and looked at him thinking what he will do next. So if you have this bitch naked in your house you can do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING with her!

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06 May 2011

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30 Apr 2011

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26 Apr 2011

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21 Apr 2011

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