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06 May 2014

That day, our schedules coincided for one hour in the morning. I remember thinking, ‘what can one possibly manage in one hour?’ – though I would have come anyway, even for hardcore porn teenage in ten minutes.

As soon as I got undressed, he slapped my tits a little and then squeezed my nipples hard. He spent some time looking at me grimacing in an unidentifiable mixture of pain and pleasure, trying to stand straight in front of him. It is very difficult to come while standing up but I did, in the end, and he dragged me by my hair to the bed where I fell, obedient, onto all fours……

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Then he was squeezing my nipples again and tormenting my clit… then he stuck the dildo into my pussy and fucked me with it, pressing onto my stomach. Hardcore porn teenage was pulling onto the handcuffs, hitting myself against the headboard and thrashing around the bed, and he still wouldn’t release me and kept on bringing me to climax time and again. Then he shoved my legs up against my chest, pressed down on my thighs with his elbow, immobilizing me completely, and this time the dildo went into my ass. I moaned and jerked my hands, once again reminded of the handcuffs. He fucked me and teased my clit at the same time and I was jumping off the bed underneath him and crying in intense pleasure……..

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He got carried away, too, rubbing me between my legs, then inserted his fingers into me and pressed his palm onto my clit, moving his hand in a strong rhythm. I was screaming again, thrashing around and coming…

The lovely bruises on my wrists are a nice reminder 🙂

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09 Apr 2014

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09 Mar 2014

Actually, at first I had planned to simply hop by, give him a quick blowjob and hop away back into the rainy night. Today it feels as if I’ve been cut into pieces, run over by a tank and sewn back together. I guess the Master changed his hardcore sex stories when he saw me.

He greeted me with a few good slaps, setting the mood at once. He looked me over while I was standing in front of him and getting turned on at the drop of a hat; turned me around, squeezed my breasts and stuck his hand down my panties, making me come twice.
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He did stop but I didn’t get away so easy – he pushed the dildo into my ass and it was pure bliss… I came again. Giving me a minute to catch my breath, he smeared my pussy with lube and had another go at me with his fist. I honestly thought I’d break windows with my screeches, but then all of a sudden the feeling inside of me altered – I felt as if I were being lifted off the ground – and suddenly his hand slipped inside entirely. I followed it, slipping into some drug-like state, only a sea of pleasure in my head and his hardcore sex stories inside me.
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Then, of course, he brought me back to life with a cup of tea. And today I woke up with the feeling of a basketball stuck inside of me. I… think the last night has been a tad too extreme for me… absolutely awesome but probably not too good for my health…

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26 Feb 2014

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15 Jan 2014

I literally came running to the third meeting. I’d been fantasizing about his hands on my neck, his slaps, whip and hardcore sex videos… needless to say I was wet when I finally arrived at his place.

An unusual trial was in store for me. As soon as I undressed, he put me on a leash and lead me to the kitchen. I was kneeling in front of him and looking up at him obediently while he slapped me lightly on my lips and tongue with his riding crop and saying, “Beg, slut”.

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Then he ordered me to take the bucket and the mop and sent me to the bedroom to wash the floor while watch BDSM amateur sex videos. Whenever I slacked off, he’d hit me with the crop or kick me: “Who told you to stop, bitch?!” Then I was instructed to me to press my head to the floor and stick my ass up at “Allez hop!” and to lie on my back and open the mouth at “Allez hop-hop!” It was amazing and very Hardcore! I would crawl around the floor with the mop and would assume the position at his commands and he’d fuck me in the ass, fiercely and roughly, making me come – or he’d sit with his balls on my face, making me please him with my mouth; I didn’t have to be asked twice.

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Then he lay in front of me and told me to take one of his socks off using nothing but my teeth. I obeyed and then sucked his toes and fondled his foot with my tongue, secretly hoping that it brought as much pleasure to him as it did to my hardcore sex videos… Then I sucked him off, he came and allowed me to lick the sperm off him, and then I curled up at his feet into a satisfied purring ball…

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Male foot domination: Hunger, desire and fantasies – 002

28 Sep 2013

Nearly a week passed between the first and the second meeting; I barely survived it, being eaten alive by hunger, desire and fantasies about good male foot domination. It’s one thing when you fantasize about someone you’ve never met – and quite another when you know the way he looks, the way he moves, the way he touches your skin… I was going crazy.

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He undressed me to the waist, took me by my hair and made me go down on my knees. Then he walked me around the room. He make me to lie down on a rug, bent over me and, grabbing me by my hair again, took a good look at me – I went wet under his eyes – then he spit into my parted lips. Unexpected, but it turned me on… and I found it very fitting to my submission and his domination.

Then he ordered me to take the rest of my clothes off; again he pressed my head by my hair to the floor, making my butt jut up. He put his foot on my head, it made me moan in pleasure and feel real male domination.
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Then there was lots of anal sex and male foot domination; I was crying out in pleasure, feeling him take me, entering me again and again and me a toy in his hands… I was lying on my stomach and him on top of me, pressing me down, blocking my movements, then he looped the whip around my throat and held me like that, and it was amazing.

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Male dominance story: Her first time ever – 001

18 Aug 2013

So it was my first ever meeting with Male dominance and a real Dom, and on his turf at that, and I was naturally SOOO nervous about what could happen. And then there’s this quiet blue-eyed boy opening the door for me, and I’m like, “Aaargh a maniac,” and then I’m stunned and starting to reel from excitement, and then I’m hypnotized on the spot…

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…So we moved to the bedroom and there he switched immediately – he started his dominance and to give off such a dominant vibe that it turned me on immediately. He got me topless, turned me around, took me by my neck and started to study me at a leisurely pace, look me over and listen to how I was breathing…

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…He made me undress him without the use of my hands, slapping my face every now and then when I seemed to be slacking off; then a long blowjob… then I was dragged onto the bed by the leash and whipped for a long while – and he made me keep my legs spread. Then he made me lick his feet in socks. Real Male dominance case.

I ended up coming six times or so and afterwards was just a ragdoll lying on the bed. And came to my senses only later, over another cup of tea…

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07 Jul 2011

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She undressed and went into the shower because she stank like a pig. But as he feels this smell, he realized that if she didn’t stink when she is washed and perfumed, so now this is the smell of her nature and this is a real slut smell! So he went to the shower and fucks her like the last bitch. Biel her, cum on her and turn her ass inside out.

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He just fucked her as he wanted and did it badly for very long time. She just scream forever, but it is only turns him on more and more. He talked to her in the hearing and to himself; or rather it was just monologue, because she just screamed out in pain and pleasure. He was saying things like: “Get it fucking bitch!” “I will tear your fucking ass whore!” “You’ll be licking my feet and ass you stupid fool!” And she, in her turns, only: “AAAAAA! Ouch!!! That hurt!!! My asshole! Oh, oh, oh! AAAAAAA!!!!”

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He had just returned from prison, where spent 3 years. She honestly waited for him and fucked just with a vibrator, all these three years. She thought that he will appreciate it and marries her. But on the first day of his freedom, he accused her of being unfaithful to him. He was in the kitchen and very savagely fucked her and left lying on the floor. Then he packed things up and left. She was left laying battered, asshole and mouth of her leaking sperm; ass face and chest were red from the beatings.

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Her get broken in the middle of nowhere. She is pretty girl and alone. How to attract individuals of the male half, who will repair your car? Of course, using your sexuality…. but there is such a thing that somebody will repair your car will be polite, smile and will be happy if she leaves her phone number, but others will want everything right here and right now… And In the mouth and in the ass….

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He did not come to ask her hand. He didn’t ask if she want or if she can. Perhaps you do not want me and everything else stuff like that. He came to demonstrate that she belongs to him … completely. She did attempt to say that she has another lover yet who likes her more, but he just didn’t hear those words. He has a calm expression on his face looked how her beating in hysterics mouth touching his rock hard dick.

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Usually it all starts very nice, but the more beer he get the strained the atmosphere becomes. And then it begins: “What did you say?, Who it was who saw off you home two months ago? You probably suck a dick of your boss under the table and lick his asshole too?” Oh, you bitch! Get it! You like that you stinker… Now I will punish your asshole so you will know your place whore.

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