Male dominance: Hunger, desire and fantasies – 012

When I was already standing naked in front of Master, he slapped me a few times, then pinched my nipple, slowly… and watched me squirm for a long minute. Then let go of me, turned me around and grabbed me in a chokehold. Male dominance was amazing, standing there fixed in his arms and slightly suffocating…

BDSM male dominance stories from paysite

Thus gagged, I followed him to the kitchen. He sat down on the chair and once again pulled my face by the leash to his crotch. Learn something new every day, how to please a man when you have no mouth? I guess if there are terms for handjob and footjob, facejob should definitely exist, too, because that was what I did, stroking his cock and balls with my face, nose, caressing him with my skin. Somewhere during that action the boxers in my mouth betrayed me by unfolding towards the back of my throat, making me gag horribly, and Master wouldn’t make male dominance easier for me, he was simply waiting until I was done and ready to go on. I caressed him with my face for a while until he tied the leash to the chair and left to do his own stuff. And I was lying there on my knees, obediently waiting for him to pay attention to me again (or not)…

BDSM male dominance stories from paysite

When male returned he fucked me again… it was total bliss and I didn’t want it to end. And eventually I came, the only time during that session. And as he left me again, I was lying there on my knees, sticking my face into his boxers on the floor, reveling in his scent. And when he returned for the dominance third time, he took the collar off my neck…

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