Porn hub free preview: Mummified with Pillows – 016

26 Jan 2015

While I was getting undressed, Master was sitting at his desk and working. Once naked, I walked over to him as near as I dared, which was a few feet, then I sat down on my knees and waited for perverted porn action to begin. Master stood up, walked behind me and began playing with me: stroking and caressing me, kneading my tits, grabbing my face… I was getting turned on and forgetting where and who I was. He grabbed me by the nape of my neck, it was a rough hold and it hurt, I moaned… he made me get onto the sofa. Played with me a bit more, then made me lie on my stomach and began spanking me and grabbing my ass powerfully like in good porn movie on porn hub. It hurt so good! After that he led me by my hair to the bedroom….

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He came onto my ear and cheek… I nearly came from feeling it and from the scent, so familiar to me already (yup, I do come from scents sometimes 😉 ). Good that he did filmed all this exciting porn action and we have what to look in years at hub. Wiping the sperm off with his fingers, he let me lick it off his hand, making it twice as delicious….

I was squealing in fear, whining, going insane, it felt like it was happening very quickly and he was moving very fast, or my senses hastened everything in panic… It still felt awesome being toyed with, even if scary….

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He touched my lips; I didn’t know what he meant by that but I wanted to kiss his hand, caress it with my lips and my nose and so I did. He watched porn for a while and then gave me a few slaps… I thought that it felt really nice and kept on kissing his fingers. He slapped me again… it turned me on and I asked for more. And I got MORE! He slapped my face a few dozen times before I came and collapsed, half passed out, happy.

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Perverted sex: Clamps, Prime Minister, and Porn Jazz – 014

03 Dec 2014

I don’t remember this perverted sex clearly enough, just separate bits and movements and actions.
At first I was still dressed… Master pinched my nipples. It hurt but I liked it.
He made me lie down and squeezed my sex throat, then placed his hand over my mouth and nose. I wondered how long I could stay without breathing. It turned out to be a lot longer than, say, five years ago. Or maybe I enjoy not breathing when I’m with Master? Quirks of the mind.
He was looking at me and I was looking at him. Maybe the few good slaps I received right after that were a punishment for that. Or maybe for no reason at all, I don’t know. It’s not like being slapped in the face will stop me from looking at him and enjoying it….

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Then he told me to turn over onto my stomach and asked me how much the prime minister had raised the electricity bills. I had not the slightest idea since I never deal with bills, so I tried to guess a random number. I guessed wrong! He gave me some good whipping for that and I was lying there squeaking in pain… and trying hard not to laugh: I mean, seriously, getting punished for perverted sex with prime porn minister’s? Then he grabbed me hair, turned me onto the side and, still holding my hair in a firm grip, started to fingerfuck me, hard and fast, and I was coming, coming, coming and screaming….

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I was in for a round of amazing anal sex and porn there… the kinds you never want to end but to go on forever – I was moaning and screaming, grabbing the sheets and the headboard, trying to move my hips up to meet Master’s and I was coming over and over and over… I could feel his perverted body behind my back, his hands on my hips or tits, and it was absolutely beautiful… And it’s the best thing being completely at his power and mercy….

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Hardcore porn stories: Clash of Plans – 013

28 Nov 2014

Master decided to try and see how much hardcore porn stories I’d hold out if he fucked me non-stop. He set up the experiment by fucking me from behind while making me suck the dildo, or I’d suck his cock while fucking myself with the dildo. I’m not so good with multitasking so I preferred the blowjob…

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When we returned to the sofa, he dragged me by my hair towards his feet, put his legs on me and rested, and I was happy to serve as a footstool, even though something still seemed to be lacking. And so when he asked me about my impressions of the session, I told him honestly that it had been somewhat vanilla for hardcore porn stories. So we discussed our expectations and how those had turned out and then, following a sudden urge, I told Master I felt like biting him; he asked what for, I said that I was kinda hoping to get my ass kicked for that and that I would get my fun any way I could. He got up and said that he would get his fun any way he could, too….

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His way turned out to be across my ass with a flogger. It was hardcore and awfully painful… but at the same time awesomely pleasant to get some ‘punishment’ for my porn cheekiness. The endorphines after the recent orgasm also came in handy, partially saving me from pain. At one point I was very close to subspace and though stories didn’t quite get there, it eased some pain….

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Male dominance: Hunger, desire and fantasies – 012

23 Nov 2014

When I was already standing naked in front of Master, he slapped me a few times, then pinched my nipple, slowly… and watched me squirm for a long minute. Then let go of me, turned me around and grabbed me in a chokehold. Male dominance was amazing, standing there fixed in his arms and slightly suffocating…

BDSM male dominance stories from paysite

Thus gagged, I followed him to the kitchen. He sat down on the chair and once again pulled my face by the leash to his crotch. Learn something new every day, how to please a man when you have no mouth? I guess if there are terms for handjob and footjob, facejob should definitely exist, too, because that was what I did, stroking his cock and balls with my face, nose, caressing him with my skin. Somewhere during that action the boxers in my mouth betrayed me by unfolding towards the back of my throat, making me gag horribly, and Master wouldn’t make male dominance easier for me, he was simply waiting until I was done and ready to go on. I caressed him with my face for a while until he tied the leash to the chair and left to do his own stuff. And I was lying there on my knees, obediently waiting for him to pay attention to me again (or not)…

BDSM male dominance stories from paysite

When male returned he fucked me again… it was total bliss and I didn’t want it to end. And eventually I came, the only time during that session. And as he left me again, I was lying there on my knees, sticking my face into his boxers on the floor, reveling in his scent. And when he returned for the dominance third time, he took the collar off my neck…

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Perverted sex pictures: Darkness and the Afterglow – 011

15 Nov 2014

I came inside, got undressed, stood in front of Master… As a warm-up, he played with my tits, spanked me a little and gave me a few slaps on my face before bringing the handcuffs. Cuffing my hands in front, he put a belt between them and hung it under the ceiling. Then he switched the lights off, leaving me in complete darkness… and got a flashlight. He slapped me with the riding crop for a while, giving himself some light to see… then he took a fork and started to poke me with it in my feet, toes (ouch!), my hips, my ass… after that he crouched down in front of me, studying my crotch with the flashlight. An interesting perverted sex pictures being watched like that, both humiliating and arousing… I did come here to be humiliated, after all. Having sated his curiosity by watching, he started to press the fork into the most tender areas around my holes. I was crying out in pleasure, though not coming yet….

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He decided to switch the setting then; unfastening the belt from above, he lead me by the belt to the bed, making me kneel there. Re-cuffing my hands behind my back, he shoved my face into the bed and put the belt around my neck. This was some first-class fucking, hard and powerful, I was screaming as loud as I could, he was holding me by my neck or my hair, pulling the belt tighter around my neck, making perverted sex pictures so crazy….

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And later, when we were already dressed, I couldn’t pass up on yet another pleasant opportunity. He was working at his perverted desk, and I crawled over and snuggled next to his feet, using one of them as a pillow for my head. It was awesome and he was stroking my back. ‘Well done, good sex slut’ 🙂

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Hardcore porn: Public debut! – 010

25 Oct 2014

A few weeks ago I found that the local BDSM forum is having a get-together for some hardcore porn movies with fetish dress code for girls, and so I suggested that Master take me out on a leash and all that, and he agreed…

The party was held at a BDSM studio, its owners and the hosts were two Dommes. A masochist girl, visiting from abroad, tagged along with us. As we arrived, we were greeted by a naked slave in a mask and a cock collar, he took our coats. It set the mood right away! We came inside, greeted the hosts; the masochist stripped to the waist, and I was in lingerie, stockings and a flimsy fishnet dress….

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After the movie the audience was feeling up to some fun. While everyone was mingling, St. Andrew’s cross was brought into the main hall in place of the movie screen and our maso girl was already strapped to it. Master and I were standing and watching how one of the host Dommes started to spank and whip her. I was all eyes, having never seen a real Domme at work or people strapped to crosses; Master wasn’t wasting time either, feeling me up anywhere he felt like. It felt awesome, a perfect experience of being a toy he’d brought to the hardcore porn party and was free to do with as he wished…

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The Domme was done with the masochist and switched her attention to her own slave, the female one. She led the girl to the other room and made her get up onto the leather-clad table, on all fours. She removed the girl’s panties and explained to the onlookers that the slave girl “isn’t much into pain but she’s such an actress, just loves being watched”. The Domme spanked the girl with a paddle on her ass, stroked her red ass and then walked away. The masochist girl approached; she started to play with the hardcore slave girl, using the same massager that had been tried on me at the beginning of the party….

After Master unhooked me from the bars, he asked me whether I was all right; I was orgasmically drunk and happy from having been treated that way, and of course I said I was all right. And then it was time to leave, and the naked masked porn slave saw us to the door….

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Dominant male: Bondage and Sharp Things – 009

16 Oct 2014

As soon as I came in and took off my coat, Dominant male walked over to me, unbuttoned my pants, and slid both hands into my panties from the front and the back. And started to touch me, lightly, without hurry, as if completely uninvolved; not sliding his fingers inside me but just pressing softly on the outside. It tickled at first, then it turned me on and then I came – not even from the action itself, rather from his closeness, from the warmth of his body next to my skin that made me so high…

BDSM dominant male stories from paysite

He put the dildo in my mouth, took the flogger and the crop, stood on the bed above me and began whipping me all over my body: my hips, calves, soles of my feet, my chest and stomach, my face and arms. And he’d put his feet on my neck, face or chest as he did. It hurt at first and I was moaning through my ‘gag’, I wasn’t even able to tell whether I was enjoying his actions or protesting against them, and then I gently fell into subspace. [So I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the rest of this paragraph…] It didn’t last for long, though. When I came to, Dominant male took the dildo out of my mouth and started playing with it around my pussy, touching lightly on the outside but never inserting it. He teased me like that for a long while and I was all crazily wound up from the inability to get what I wanted, I was jerking about as far as my bonds would let me, until Master finally shoved the dildo deep inside me. You can guess the rest… 🙂

BDSM dominant male stories at paysite

After that Dominant cut the cling wrap on my wrists with that knife and then tore the duct tape off me. This felt unexpectedly nice. Then he suggested I sucked his cock and showed him what I’d learned from the videos he had ordered me to watch. I hadn’t learned much, judging from his reaction when I started to suck him… I didn’t even understand whether he liked it or not. But then he turned me around to face his feet and began slapping my ass, telling me to lick his foot. I did so with pleasure, running my tongue over his toes and kissing his foot and sole, I got so into it that it took me a while to notice that he was stroking my asshole with his finger… soon I had to pause for an orgasm! Then he commanded me to stay in that position and male started to fuck me, holding me by my hips… my hair… my neck… it was a mind-blowing fuck….

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Male dominance: Toil, Tears and Sweat – 008

10 Oct 2014

I got some new male dominance to explore today.
The Master undressed me first, blindfolded me, made me kneel and offered his cock to me. I sucked it hungrily (I was hungry enough to eat it :Р ). Then he sent me over to the bed, slapped me on my butt a couple of times and left me sitting there on my knees as he went away to do his own business in another room.

And so I’m sitting there like a Gorean slave, all pretty and well-behaved on the bed, listening to the sounds around me, feeling chilly and thinking how wonderful it is: he brought me here, made me take a pose and left me here, like a true Property of Master’s at his own discretion. Maybe he’ll come and use me….

BDSM male dominance stories from paysite

Master returned again; he lied down in front of my and made me lick his balls, which I did gladly. He didn’t let me relish it for long, though, – he got up, went around my back again and commented, “Well done… you’ve earned a bit of lube.” He added some lube to my ass and started fucking me again. It was more painful the second time around; the lube burned more than it helped. I hissed a little through my teeth but then pain was gone and I began to enjoy male dominance again. Master was holding my sides, squeezing my skin painfully, I was moaning and screaming, then he held onto my shoulders, then brought my hands behind my back… And then he slapped my butt again and left. I remained as he’d left me, with my arms behind my back and my ass up. And it was more difficult the second time around….

BDSM male dominance at paysite

Male came, I swallowed every drop, being the good girl that I am, and he made me lick his balls… and suck him again… and then he came again! Wow.

And then he let me to get warm under the blanket and even get some sleep as he left again… And I dreamed of a weird scene with lots of dominance and people dressed in black and white….

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Perverted sex acts: The Dance and The Mummy – 007

11 Aug 2014

I came in, got undressed, stood in front of him… The Master brought a mouth spreader, put it in between my teeth making me unable to close my mouth, and told me that I was going to dance an erotic dance to some music. I was rather taken aback… I get panicked whenever people watch me dance. I mean, unless it’s a club where everybody dances anyway. However, I couldn’t quit before the Master! Besides, I know I’ve got some cool perverted sex acts 🙂 The only thing I did to calm myself was to close my eyes. It must have looked pretty interesting: a naked girl with a mouth spreader between her teeth doing an erotic dance to “Ave Maria” Caccini….

BDSM perverted sex acts in hardcore stories from paysite

Then he lead me by my hair to the bedroom, made me stand straight, put my hair up (such caution!) and started to cover me in plastic wrap. Then I recalled that he’d once threatened to mummify me, and so I was now looking forward to how this would end. The feeling was interesting… no, not the physical sensations, but emotions – a promise of being wrapped and immobilized turned me on a lot, even though it felt as if I were watching myself from the side. He wrapped my arms to my body down to the waist, lifted me and carried me to the bed, where he put me face down with my knees on the floor. From then on I cannot recall much of it, out of any order: I guess he fucked me in all holes, then wrapped my shins together, turned me over face up, fucked me again, turned again, fucked again – from the front, from behind, on top of me… The fixation must have had a weird effect on me… in my mind all those perverted sex acts warped into an endless pattern of sex, turns, orgasms and blowjobs. I can’t tell….

BDSM perverted sex acts stories from paysite

It looks like I was coming too much during that perverted session to now remember everything clearly. I know I was lying in bed for a long while after that trying to bring my body back to life, then I somehow crawled to my clothes, then I hugged the walls for a while, being so dizzy I would almost pass out… Yeah, I’m a weak one, I know 🙂

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Hardcore sex videos: Spanking and sucking – 006

12 Jun 2014

“I’ll be at your disposal for three hours straight,” was the text I sent to the Master before arriving at his place. “Indulge yourself!” Uh, well, it’s probably not always the safest thing to say to your Top… 🙂

As I had promised, as soon as I arrived, I showed him some hardcore sex videos from my own erotic armory and wardrobe. He told me to put my clear high heels on and stand up. He walked around me; told me to lean forward. I did, and he started to spank my ass, hard. I had no frigging idea it could hurt SO MUCH. It drove me to tears; I was screaming and trying to stand still despite my legs trying to run away. I even got near using a safeword at one point… when it looked like too much to bear….

Perverted BDSM Hardcore sex videos from paysite

He put me on my knees, tied my eyes with a scarf and told me to open my mouth. I obeyed and he began fucking my mouth, and then I suddenly felt my mouth fill with warm liquid. That was fucking unexpected! But while I was thinking how to react and asking myself various questions such as “should I or shouldn’t I”, my body acted on its own, dutifully accepting and swallowing. After that the Master ordered me to put my head on the floor, lubed up my anus and started hardcore fucking me, rather unceremoniously… I was ecstatic, catching my inevitable orgasms…….

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Roughly he turned me over onto my back and told me to open my legs. It really hurt when my weight pressed onto the cuffed wrists, but even though I was hissing from pain, I decided to suck it up. He started fucking me with the dildos – first the smaller one, then the giant thing I brought that day to show off. I just about started to get turned on and get off of hardcore sex, even as I was slightly stunned by the fact that I was being allowed to enjoy after my whole disgrace. But then my movements and my pose began to fucking hurt my hands and the pleasure from the dildos ceased.

After that he put his legs on me and rested, while I was slugging under his legs and smiling in total bliss. My brain was full of random pleasant noise… Then he dragged me out from under his sex feet and pulled me to himself, shoving my nose into his armpit. I stuck my nose there like a cat, smelled his scent and enjoyed it……

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